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That reaction gif is me too!!

Originally Posted by jrenda182 (View Post)
they overplayed their hand too soon...again...i hope the trial of the flash lasts at least 2 episodes...maybe have barry in jail for 2!?! he needs time to figure out what the deal is with the bus metas in prison...then get him out please. Take a look here:

I'll bet money Dawn/Nora will reappear later to help Barry & prove her identity to Iris with a really old copy of those vows!
I like the pacing with DeVoe, their late villain reveals in seasons past were a drag. I prefer longer arcs - it's just do they have the chops to see it through. I would take two jail episodes. More bus meta (villain of the weeks) and some of them should tie into the main plot. I would like an Iris centric and Wally centric episode (if/when he exits for LoT) but that's wishful thinking.

They should do another episode on a different earth like 2x13 and 2x14 those were so popular. They haven't matched those again for some odd reason but they milk the crossovers dry.

I'm betting on the vows resurfacing in Dawn's hands too because they made such a point to insert her hands.
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