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some people are very dense that had to be the most obvious throwback to what he said at the beginning haha...Personally I LOVED the character development it showed in Barry, rather than run from his problems or eff up the timeline he chose to stay put and deal with them with the help of the love of his life — it’s all he needs, as long as she’s on his side he can handle anything. Made the decision and the gravity of the situation a little more bearable knowing he felt that way.
Yes, to all of this. It's really shocking to me that the same people who have complained about how "selfish" Barry is, are disappointed that he didn't run. Barry is maturing as a person and a superhero, in large part because of his relationship with Iris. I fairly certain that's why the writers keep having Iris say, "we are the Flash", but since the fanboys hate it they are missing the point.

Several things are in Barry's favor: 1) he actually didn't kill him, 2) he had no evidence on his clothes, 3) he has a strong alibi, and 4) an autopsy will show that DeVoe didn't die from a stab wound.

Also, if these writers don't bring up the fact that Barry as a CSI would never commit murder in such a sloppy way, I will be livid. Barry would know all of the tricks to get away with it. If the crime scene is sloppy, it must be a set up! On another note, I hope they explain why Cecile is Barry's defense attorney when she's a prosecutor She couldn't prosecute him because of their relationship, but she shouldn't just switch sides, either.
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