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I Found My Address Book With My Passwords In

I was just about to give up when the fourth draw I'd pulled everything out of was the one. I've now taken a photo of the page with my password so I can't get locked out again

Wow it's been rather busy in here since my last visit. It's nice to see that My Little French Chocolate Tart is back and spoiling us with all that chocolatey goodness. Sorry to hear you're feeling like crap though my friend. Let's hope you can shake it off soon so you can enjoy Christmas There's a few hugs to help you on your way

Cuddles...thanks for all the great songs you're playing for us. Even though I couldn't join in I was singing along out in the wilderness

Kimmie...I'm sorry to hear you're having more problems with your back and legs. Hope you get to see the doctor soon. Here's some hugs for you too wear me out just reading about all your marching band stuff

Miss Devil Kitty...thanks for the new thread and keeping an eye on us even if you don't get much chance to come and chill out at the pool these days

Well now I've got back in I have to leave again sorry I've got to go over my dad's to make him something for his tea (that's probably dinner to you lot) Then I've got to go and pick up two friends and go to another friend's house for a Christmas meal

I promise to come back here tomorrow or tonight if I'm not too late getting home

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