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Those fanboys/antis are beyond deluded.

Dawn’s already on the scene and one day soon Bart shows up and says, “This house is bitchin’.”

I feel like Dawn’s name will be Nora either as a first or second name. I wonder when she will re-appear and who she’ll reveal herself to. I want it to be Iris or Iris and Barry together.

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just after that gif ends, he takes a deep breath in and it’s so perfect....taking in her beauty, Candice is absolutely gorgeous, I guess this ceremony would’ve been too perfect if they got to say their park vows in the church
I know. Grant was excellent and conveyed those emotions so well. It made me cry.
The moment you came out, my number one. When I held you, for the first time,
in this hospital, it hit me like a bolt of lightning, you were my purpose.
"We have a daughter together. We make a person."

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