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Originally Posted by SydneyO (View Post)
Somehow the ring makes him look better lol.

So I'm watching fan reactions to this episode and like 90% of people are confused as to why Barry didn't run at the end of the episode. I'm just like??? How can they miss that he didn't run because of Iris. The camera literally lingered on the picture of him and Iris...and then Barry says "Don't run". Beginning of the episode he tells Iris he doesn't need to run when he's with her. That obviously ties back into the ending. I feel like people willfully ignore Barrys' love for she is his motivation for a lot of things in life, and if you choose to ignore that then you won't fully understand Barry's actions.
some people are very dense that had to be the most obvious throwback to what he said at the beginning haha...Personally I LOVED the character development it showed in Barry, rather than run from his problems or eff up the timeline he chose to stay put and deal with them with the help of the love of his life — it’s all he needs, as long as she’s on his side he can handle anything. Made the decision and the gravity of the situation a little more bearable knowing he felt that way.
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