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Oooh a Twice video!

Originally Posted by Shadowhunter (View Post)
They might take a break but I hope it's not too long. I saw the first day album sales compare to the album they released in the middle of this year and it has jumped a significant amount

It was It seems like they were aiming something similar to what AKB48 but it just doesn't work at all. I just think people just don't like members getting replaced and graduating. They just prefer it being fixed. I do feel sorry for the male trainees in the company especially those who are promised they are debuting but end up waiting and waiting. I know some have left the company.
That's great! That's what should happen!

It's true, people like to pick their favorites and latch onto them so having new faces appear and other faces disappear for awhile is just silly.

I find it interesting that holiday style albums are released right before Christmas in South Korea whereas in America new holiday albums are released months in advance.

It's been over a year that fans have been waiting for this moment
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