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Christian Bale pissed me off in The Prestige too.

Well, you're right ... Hugh did get an Oscar nomination for Les Miserables, but he wasn't always treated like he belonged there. I saw an interviewer behind the scenes at the Golden Globes that year ask him why he would emasculate himself by doing a musical, and I even recall a critic saying he had no chance, and that his Oscar nomination was merely out of pity. Then people like Adam Lambert trashed his performance. Ryan Gosling, in La La Land, wasn't nearly as good but he got treated with a lot more respect than Hugh did in 2013. Plus, 1 Oscar nomination is pretty much nothing. Most Hollywood A-Listers have been honored way more than that, including actors who have been in the industry for a much shorter time span than Hugh.

Then, I remember a movie critic review about Prisoners by James Franco from 2013 where he said, "Even though he gives a brilliant performance, I found myself asking, 'What is Hugh Jackman doing in this indie drama?' ... But back to the man of the hour and why I like this movie so much: Jake Gyllenhaal." I don't think Franco is the only one who feels that way.

Yeah, I think that's it. Hugh doesn't fit very well into Hollywood and doesn't play the game, and critics, SAG, and the Academy favor certain types of roles that he doesn't usually play. Maybe he'll at least get a Golden Globe nomination this year for The Greatest Showman though since they have a category specifically for musicals and comedies.
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