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Hugh had the better role in The Prestige. His character was more central to the plot. Bale's character was more an antagonist. And what Bale's character did to his wife was reprehensible, putting her through all that without ever telling her the truth, which led to her hanging herself. I felt more sympathetic to Hugh's character having lost his wife in a stage accident because you-know-who didn't tie the right damn knot. And we never did find out which brother was the one responsible, did we?

Plus, Jackman had all those great scenes with David Bowie as Nikola Tesla. I loved that part of the film. Bale's character was just to facilitate the surprise twist ending.

And Hugh did get an Oscar nomination for Les Miserables, so it's not like he's never been recognized. It could be that he's just not Hollywood's type of actor that gets all the nominations, I don't know. But he's better than that and deserves recognition. Especially for Logan, where he acted his damn heart out.
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