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Jake applied for a dangerous job preparing sponges for the cleaning crew at Shaw's. Rosa ate Terry's blueberry yogurt when Scully took her pizza and yelled at Hitchcock to get another cake for her. Holt asked Gina to apply for a permit so he purchased five motorcycles for Rosa. When Charles found his ex stealing his dogs, he told Jake to track her phone and stop it. Amy wanted her phone back from Gina who found it in a desk drawer under Scully's pile of thumbtacks. Rosa and Jake ran from ten angry bikers that faked Holt's badge and stole Kevin's fancy pajamas. They spoke to Gina about her problematic dancing that interfered with everyone's lunch and hurt Jake's toy which fell into a puddle of yogurt. When Terry asked Gina for advice about his workout plan, she taught him how to dance like Beyonce. Rosa called Jake to find a runaway waitress who stole seven trumpets from the evidence room. Amy told Jake about her hobby which involves lace binders that are full of wedding dresses and pictures of couples wearing police hats and onesies. Holt got Kevin a book about playing chess during crowded parties which taught them how to maneuver difficult members by convincing them to break the legs of dancing
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