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Originally Posted by The Apt (View Post)
Not yet. I think it’ll be set up early next week.
I see.

. Well it's the truth.

I guess he needs positive feedback and validation and I suck at giving positive feedback. I mean I try, but I could forget. And in this specific case I do not want him to know all the details because if I tell him that my boss wanted to get rid of him it will cause additional tension between them. On the other hand though I guess he wants me to use words aside actions to show him that I trust him. I do not know what he wants . One thing I for sure do is to thank him every time he does something that I had asked him to do.

He did decide to tell me that a new female co-worker (that we both do not find to be incredibly smart; read we find her stupid) hit on him more than once and he rejected her because she is not smart (his words). I told him that if I thought that he was like her, I would not want him in my project. He was like "Koni don't offend me by comparing me with her". He thinks that she uses men to do her work. He also has a theory that her boyfriend (who is Developer too) does her work actually. He tests her and whenever he asks her how she did something, she can't explain. There is definitely something fishy there.

I’m sure it’s a combination of stress and getting over the infection. Good that you’re listening to your body and getting rest!
Yeah most probably .

When do you start vacation?
My last work day this year is 20th December. What about you?
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