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Originally Posted by The Apt (View Post)
I've met about half of them but that was several years ago.
I see. Do you think that you will have some issues?

Right! Honestly, the France accent speaking English is hard on my ears because it's so thick. I know I'd probably sound ridiculous speaking French with my American accent but all I know is trying to listen to someone from France speak English is difficult because their accent is so strong it seems like they are speaking half French while going there, lol. I can barely follow while casually listening so it must be tough for you and others who need to deal with business while communicating too.
Same for me. If I am not 100 % focused I would think that I am hearing French .

I will either try to passively talk my way out of it or just let it happen and work another plan that still gets me to the same goal but without having to deal with an outcome that is not desirable. I basically work around it if that makes sense.
I do the same basically . I guess I am more resourceful in the way I work around those things.

Thankfully, I fell asleep about an hour later so I got a few hours of sleep.
That's good!
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