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Originally Posted by secretk (View Post)
You are welcome!

Sounds great! How would you travel? How far Chicago is from where you live? How many people will you meet?
Chicago is about 400 miles/6 hours away by car. Only about 45 minutes by plane. We will fly. It will be the three of us meeting about 10 people in Chicago.

Some better than others, but overall good. To be honest when it's face to face communication not having good English is less of a problem compared to video call.
I can see why that would be easier.

I have no other way. I have really good Intuition and quite often I know that some things should be done and it's clear for me, but not for the others. They are not that far away to process this and realize it. Having arguments with them would be just a waste of time. Going on the aggressive road does not help either as it would cause tension. So I am left with two options. Either I don't do anything but this leads to frustration for me because I know I am right and future proves that I am right and I have to deal with the future mess anyway. The other option is to avoid the mess by being cunning. I prefer the second option.

I love my Intuition. Do not get me wrong. It gives me so many answers, but it sucks when you are not 100 % free to do what it tells you to do. In those cases you need to find another way to do what is necessary.
I hear you and completely understand.

1 AM and have some insomnia. Although, maybe it's because I got more sleep than usual last night. Hope I get tired soon, though.
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