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From last thread:

Originally Posted by secretk (View Post)
I see. How do you feel about the trip and the arrangements? Would be draining for you?
Nah. I will be going with two people I get along with who are just as introverted as I am. It will be a quick trip too, less than 48 hours. I also know downtown Chicago like the back of my hand. I feel very comfortable in Chicago. I love the city and know the city. It will be just fine.

I am not sure what hotel they choose. For dinner I doubt that we will share meals . For lunch yes of course . I can't leave them alone unless they want to of course .

And yes we will all speak English. There will be most probably around 10 people in the workshop.
Got it! Do all 10 speak good English?

Originally Posted by secretk (View Post)
Oh yeah I care about the job being done and I found way to do it . I am just sneaky about it. I do not go in the aggressive way. I try the nice way and if it does not work, I get sneaky behind the scenes and people do not even realize that I forced them to do something.
Makes sense.
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