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OMG sum1, I thought I was the only one that felt Meryl, Daniel Day Lewis, and company (all the other guys you mentioned) are very overrated! Usually, people are biting my head off for saying that!

Originally Posted by PhoenixRising (View Post)
What's Meryl up for, exactly? And most of those other actors you just mentioned in my opinion aren't any more deserving than Hugh. And he may also get some acclaim in The Greatest Showman. Dafne definitely deserves a nomination, though.
The Post. That's also what Hanks is up for. I honestly don't think Hugh is going to get an Oscar nomination for The Greatest Showman. I'm seeing TPTB making a lot of snarky comments about it, and Hugh never has much luck with awards. I don't think he'll get anything for Logan either. And Dafne definitely won't unfortunately. But I agree that the other actors aren't any more deserving than Hugh and Dafne, although they continue to get recognized whereas Hugh and Dafne will be snubbed.
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