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I have finally caught up! So far I am really loving what is happening between Jane and Rafael. They are going really deep with one another. Much deeper than she ever got with Michael (who are we kidding their relationship was a deep as pie dish). It seems like the writers are setting up Jane and Rafael to be true partners who have been through thick and thin by the time their romantic relationship starts.

My second favorite thing about this season is Alba being so blatantly TeamRafael. It is about time Rafael is favored by one of the Villaneuvas.

Adam's story was boring. Jane is annoying with him too kind of like she was with Michael. Too giddy and one-dimensional. His storyline seemed pointless but one of you smart ladies pointed out that it was probably to keep Rafael from being the rebound.

Jane's acknowledgement for Rafael was so touching and perfect. I will admit to shedding a tear at the "You showed me how to be brave" line. Perfection. I am glad the writers haven't forgotten the important threads on the show.

I can't wait for the series to be over so they can finally be together. I am not stressing as much as I used to about when, since Michael is dead. That will never not be great. #stillalittlebitter
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