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Só me arrependo de ter descoberto elas tão tarde! I mean, eu lembro de ter comentado algo aqui sobre Bad Blood, que achava que a Taylor ia pular no pescoço da Karlie or something, mas fora isso, nada... e a merda de descobrir um ship quando aparentemente ele tá morto... o aniversário da Taylor tá chegando, se não tiver post será triste

Povo fala mt que os namoros da Taylor foram stunts, o que vc acha? Não tenho certeza sobre o Harry e o Calvin, mas o Tom H foi COM CERTEZA Aquilo foi a whole other level de crazy

amo cute little stories
I had another regular come in and I was just around doing my job. When I came back to their table Karlie actually engaged me and I honestly don’t remember what random shirt we talked about. I make small talk professionally with tourists and French people alike so I can’t tell you how we ended up chatting about makeup and me asking if she had a red lip recommendation to share. I had been looking desperately for a shade that would work for me and I dunno why my filters fail. It’s like knowing someone is a doctor and asking them for medical advice on their day off. I felt so awkward but she didn’t seem annoyed. As soon as I spoke I also figured she’d tell me something by L’Oréal because I think she was already working for them then. She pondered for a bit and then told me Dragon Girl by NARS. While Jourdan was in agreement, Karlie went on to say it was one of Taylor’s favorites. Now, I had not brought up Taylor at all before and we hadn’t talked about her previously.

Later, I was coming by again and they were talking so I kept myself discreet as I cleared their table. Karlie was picking at her sweater and she included me in her joking complaint that cat hair follows you everywhere around the world because they get in your suitcase every time your turn around while you’re packing (SIDE NOTE FROM ME: This is so cute I screamed via living together article). She did have some on her sleeve. She does not, however, own a cat. While I dunno other people she could’ve been hanging out with, I’m just gonna assume she came straight from Taylor’s to Paris at that time because it’s cute. I like to picture Karlie lifting Meredith out of her suitcase every time she needs to put an item down.
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