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interesting points:
-Ingrid Michaelson Concert - July 31st, 2014 (x)

The night started off by one of Karlie’s childhood friends, Davis, posting this picture of Taylor.
They all went to the show, and this video was uploaded on Instagram.

Lastly, during an interview Ingrid talked about Taylor and Karlie being in attendance at her show, and this is what she had to say:

Ingrid: ‘Are you coming to the afterparty?’

Taylor and Karlie: ‘No, we, I, have an early shoot.’

Ingrid: ‘What do you do?’

Taylor: ‘She’s a Victoria’s Secret supermodel angel woman.’

So from what Ingrid said, we can gather that Karlie and Taylor went home with one another that night, Karlie was the only one with an early shoot, but Taylor still went home early with her so she could spend more time with her, Ingrid talks about them in the ‘we’ sense which in my opinion is very coupley, and Taylor flipped out cause Ingrid didn’t know who Karlie was.
Morta com a frase da Taylor

-IKYWT iHeart Radio Music Festival Slip Up - September 21st, 2014

Only a few days after Taylor and Karlie had lunch at The Honor Bar, Taylor performed at the iHeart Music Festival. It was during her performance of IKYWT that we got the clearest version yet of Taylor singing, ‘That SHE never loved me.’

-Oscar de la Renta Show - February 17th, 2015 (x)

When Taylor was asked why she was in attendance, instead of giving a normal answer, this is what happened:

Swift, giggly in the front row with Kloss, declined to comment on her presence at the show, though it’s hard to imagine she could have said anything remotely controversial considering the occasion. “My publicist would get mad at me,” she said. (x)

-Metlife - July 10th and 11th, 2015 (x)

Karlie had been working in Europe for a couple of weeks, and was in Rome before she flew back to the states. We knew she could get back in time for Taylor’s two Metlife shows.

Since we knew she would be incredibly jet lagged, we figured she would likely just go home, sleep, and attend the second show the next day.

Well, she did go home, but all she did while she was there was change and then head to the show with Kimby. A man from Taylor’s security team picked them up, and off they went.
In this video taken backstage, Karlie and Tree hug, and Karlie states she came straight from Rome for this. Then Karlie body guard said to Tree, “Tree, Taylor’s going to yell at me if I don’t take her (Karlie) right now.” Kimby and Tree hugged, and then the body guard whisked Karlie away to take her to a very impatient Taylor.

The “I came straight from Rome” video is extremely important because of two reasons:

Tree seems to know Karlie and Kimby well, which is particularly interesting when it comes to her knowing Kimby. There’s no real reason why Taylor’s publicist should be familiar with Taylor’s friend’s sister… Unless you know, something else is going to where Tree would know the Kloss family.
The poor security guy sounded so stressed out. Taylor had clearly put pressure on him to get Karlie to her immediately. They spent time together after the show and Karlie went to the second night, so they knew they would see each other. But that wasn’t enough. Taylor wanted to see Karlie the minute she got back, so she sent her team to pick Karlie and Kimby up and bring them to her as quickly as possible. That speaks volumes about how much Taylor loves Karlie.
Taylor also gave Karlie a shout out on stage in this video when she said, “Mostly the change cannot be attributed to geography. It can only be attributed to people who came into my life after I moved to New York. So if that’s you, pat yourself on the back. I love you so much.”

Karlie just watched the first night, but walked the second night.
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