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Originally Posted by Drewbles (View Post)
Hey new here, just got activated finally.

I'm from the Uk and grew up with Dawsons Creek, i would tape all the series when it aired onto VHS, then met someone special who became obsessed with DC, i ended up making a copy of all the tapes for her.

This was round the time Napster had started so for a lil something special i made my own 4 CD collection of songs from the series for the gf and she absolutely loved it.

We only lasted 2yrs but i still carried on watching, got annoying to watch though with series 5 airing on E4 and I didn't get freeview in my room at that point so couldn't record and half the time E4 didn't kept missing weeks without an episode.
Series 6 i was at uni so had no TV

I got the DVDs and was so disappointed with the music taken out. I have so much of music that i ended up buying, if it wasn't for DC, i'd say 90% of the music i love today, I'd have never heard of if it wasn't for DC

Chantal Kreviazuk absolute fav
Susanna Hoffs
Third eye blind who I got to see twice now, thanks to Hows it gonna be in a trailer
Heather Nova
Nine days

My fav version of You don't know me by Jann Arden, if i ever get married, definitely my first dance song.

Anyway read through some of the posts, any news on this link to get the episodes, I decided couple weeks ago to re-run through the series but as soon as i got to series 2, i got reminded by the music taken out and its horrible, really noticed it with Kiss the rain missing, god awful song that replaced it. Just started series 3 and its almost unwatchable without the music.
If youll post 1 more time you should be able to send/receive private messages and I can help you out. Ill try to check back frequenly

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