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Originally Posted by Magnus Bane (View Post)
I definitely sneak in a holiday song here and there during the year if the mood really strikes

I'm so happy that they are so happy with the album And that they'll be on Weekly Idol! That will be fun!

I bet you have a great poster tube collection then!

I'm worried Kard fans will start getting bored with them

AHH thank you so much for future icon making! I think I saw better quality images from that shoot somewhere so if you feel you need them let me know

Oh man I really felt like I was watching Inkigayo or something. I did not understand those camera angles at all and I also felt like they were showing the audience just as much as the boys. I loved seeing everyone hyped up, but I don't need to see the fans that much! So freaking proud of them though They did so well!
I guess it really depends on the song too but it's hard to skip when you are listening on a playlist.

I am too It should be a fun episode.

I do although not all my albums I got posters with.

I wouldn't be surprised if they did. I was kind of getting bored with the same sound from them so that's why I don't follow them that much.

You're welcome Well I made them from the pictures you posted on this thread so I hope they are okay.

Yeah I agree. I felt like they were worse than MCountdown since I felt like they were filming the boys at the wrong parts and going to the audience way too much. They definitely did
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