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Rewatching OTH questions and opinions !!!

Alright guys so OTH was and still I my favourite series ever. I was a massive addict when it was airing due to the great blend of sport and music along with the fact that you could invest in all the main characters , as they all had interesting stories on there own which isn't the case in most shows where you are only invested in one or two of the characters.

Anyways like I said have recently rewatched the whole series 1-6 ( I consider the real OTH only watched half of 7 as it felt like a totally different show when Peyton and Lucus left filled with silly plotlines and too much extra screen time) and its even better then I remember it being

Since rewatching its brought back a lot of memories and question that I hope you can help with

Is there a confirmed reason why Chad and Hilarie left the show? As like a said the show IMO never recovered

Was Jake always supposed to leave or did the actor Bryan choose to? I ask as I think he was a pretty good character

Team Leyton or Brucus?

Look forward to talking with fellow fans
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