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Ugh this Alaric/Caroline thing is the worst relationship ever. Hearing about their dumb new friends just annoys me and makes me sick. I hate that they would just move on like nothing ever happened. And Alaric seriously thinking his relationship with Caroline is real? Come on dude. What happened to you?

I still hate the time jump. It kind of ruined everything imo. Seeing Alaric and Damon's strained relationship makes me sad. Same for Bonnie/Damon. She went into the mental hospital to try to get close to Alex's sister and figure out what she wants? And we didnt get to see how Enzo and Bonnie got together...

The letters Stefan wrote Caroline were so sad. She never read them. My heart. It's insane how much he loves her.

Ambrose was pretty annoying. I dont think they needed to drag this storyline out. I did love Damon doing everything he could to help Stefan. So glad that Valeria was able to complete the spell and also that she bowed out and knew that Stefan still loved Caroline. So glad we don't have to see her anymore.

In all a pretty boring episode. Definitely felt filler to me.
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