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Originally Posted by Grazzhopper (View Post)
And it's a good thing that she did 'cause otherwise the show would've been left Donna-less. And that would be a real shame.
Donna would've heard Red's most negative judgments about her and Eric's judgment (about getting engaged). Suffering through a Red yell-lecture might scare her a little, and she'd understand Eric better.

That could've been interesting, actually. In that episode, she said, "Red really yelled at me!" but he yelled at her briefly. Experiencing for a half-hour what Eric had to experience many times over the years would probably earn Eric more respect from her.

That's not to say she doens't respect him already, but she'd admire that he held onto his sensitivity (which, admittedly, he sometimes doesn't have) despite Red's expressions of anger.
Kelso, it's for the best. Just like you and Jackie breaking up
was for the best -- and, after a while, she found someone better ...
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