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*evil laughter*

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Thanks for opening the thread!

I have the day off today and I feel discombobulated several times this morning already, feeling like it's Saturday and it's actually a weekday! Which means I should go out to the stores cause being a weekday should be less busy than Saturday!

My last days at my locations went fine, it was weird though cause I hugged 3 co workers, including the principal I don't usually hug people at work but they were standing around me to see me off and I guess that was inevitable I also was given a gift card to a bookstore which was thoughtful cause it goes with what I do, work with books! got a paper cut opening the envelope though... I always get those handling books too, haha.

KIM! no one posts here since 4 am and then within two minutes of each other we post together at the same time.... I'm calling Mulder and Scully.... obviously they will want to investigate our brain connections.
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