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Hello and welcome dairfan1! I've been doing a slow DC rewatch this year and it's nice to reexperience all the DJo moments over again. There were quite a few scenes I had actually forgotten about.

Watched "Reunited" last night. It was refreshing to see DJo angst free after endless episodes of it. It was cute how they teased each other throughout the first half of the episode. Particularly in the "persnickety" scene when Dawson teased her for ruining their surprise evening by questioning him about it so much. I'm sure by the end of the episode, Joey wished that they had watched movies at his house instead. Funny how his whole family showed up at the French restaurant on their anniversary. I guess there aren't a lot of fancy places in Capeside. I liked how happy DJo were here and they were just enjoying their moments together, it really was a nice change and it's too bad we didn't get to see more of them in the weeks prior to their first month anniversary.
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