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2 Pippa Bennett-Warner (who plays Daniel's girlfriend) interviews.

And Rupert Grint? He’s a brilliant actor and so professional. I really enjoyed our scenes and the way that (writers) Nat Saunders and James Serafinowicz have written our characters is so believable, and we do clash. We come to blows quite a few times during the eight episodes. That was really fun to do with him, he was a really generous actor.

The National Student
“I like the fact that she’s quite feisty. She certainly gives Rupert’s character, Daniel, a real run for his money! Daniel is a bit of a layabout. He isn’t really doing much with his life and Becca just doesn’t put up with it which is really fun. I loved the weird chemistry between Becca and Daniel. It was – I wouldn’t really call it banter, their relationship was quite strange - but just really funny in the way they interact.I don’t know if we’d be friends… she’s quite full on. Intense I think is the world I’d use, and bit of a…. well I don’t want to say bitch! I wouldn’t ever speak ill of one of my characters, I think it’s important that you find the third dimension within the character, even if you don’t necessarily like them. But, I don’t know possibly… She might be quite good fun to out with.”
"You can’t polish a t**d, but you can roll one in glitter."
- Rupert Grint
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