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Quite a bit of stuff came out.

Independent Interview
Grint certainly makes his alter ego in Sick Note very credible; like all of us, Daniel is deeply flawed. Matt Lipsey, the comedy’s director, outlines why he was convinced from the outset that Grint was the man for the job. “Over the years in Harry Potter, I’d seen Rupert really grow as an actor,” reflects Lipsey, who has also directed Little Britain, Big School, Gangsta Granny and Psychoville.

“I saw him in the re-staging of Mojo. He was playing a speed-fuelled thug opposite Daniel Mays. They were that show’s Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Rupert was utterly astonishing. So I knew he had what it takes to play this man who gets tangled up in a web of his own making as his trail of lies gets worse and worse. Rupert instantly made the part his own.” interview
For now Grint is simply trying to come to terms with turning 30 next August - “It just sounds like a mad number, doesn’t it!”

“I still feel really young, I don’t feel my age,” he declares, exasperated. “It’s a weird contradiction, because [on Harry Potter] you were in a real adult world where you’re spending most of your time with adults, but at the same time I’ve never really felt adult.

"I always feel like I’ve been kept behind a few years because everyone does everything for you. The responsibility, an element of that is kind of removed.”

James Serafinowicz and Nat Saunders(writers and directors) on Radio Yorkshire

For those that don't mind a bit of spoilers:
Sick Note - The Plot
Episodes synopsis
Interviews with cast

Gonna work on a newer opening thread post, so it's a bit updated if that's okay!
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