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First of all, congratulations to all of my fellow posters on 300k! The OP looks fantastic, and I can tell that a lot of work went into it. I love all of the testimonials, and the arts are wonderful. I'm sorry that I didn't submit anything this time around. I just super procrastinated and it was here before I knew it.

✓✓ "Amelia is so personable and easy to talk to. She's very intelligent
and articulate, which means she's great for discussions, but has this
super smutty side I didn't know about until recently, and to be honest,
it just makes her all the more endearing. That and her unwavering love
for Kelly Clarkson, of course. I have a lot of respect for Amelia, I have a
lot of fun posting with her, and I had an awesome "Unity Day" and lunch
with her in Sacramento."
April, you're so awesome, and this is so, so sweet. I had such a fun time in Sacramento, too. Thank you for encouraging me to let my smuttiness be free and in the open on this board and Bob's board, too. Being smutty is much more fun when you have people to talk to about it.
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