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FINALLY we are getting some answers as to why Enzo wanted to find Rayna! Thank god because I was losing my mind! lol. Kind of a lame excuse. We're just supposed to believe that he's been working for the people named "the armory" all this time? lol. Definitely fishy. I cant believe he hit Bonnie over the head too! WTF!

I'm glad we finally found out about Tyler too. Apparently he was in a coma after Damon hit it. Thanks for finally answering that show! It's cute that Damon wouldn't tell anyone where Stefan was. Tyler saying it was good he was going to kill him was sort of funny. He was spilling a lot of truths. But Damon telling Bonnie to leave showed how much Damon actually cared. I love that Bonnie was able to save Damon!

I love that interaction between Stefan and Klaus. I love that Stefan opened up about Caroline and Klaus' reaction to the baby news. I also love him looking out for Caroline. It made me sad when Klaus yelled at Stefan to get out. I understand he was scared of Rayna but man, that was hard to watch. Poor Stefan. I need this SL over with already. I guess I understand that the babies are Caroline's priority right now but it also doesn't really make sense to me that she just doesn't seem to care that much about Stefan or want to go after Rayna. On the originals, Stefan having a screenshot of Caroline and telling Klaus he loved Caroline was great.

Klaus telling Caroline he would ensure Stefan's safety was really sweet. I also loved when he apologized for her moms death. WHEN HE WENT TO SAVE STEFAN YESSSSSSSSSS.

Alaric stop looking at Caroline like the sun shines out of her ass. She was in your highschool class I mean come on.

The heretics just feel SO USELESS at this point in the series. Get rid of them already, seriously. They drag the show down.

I loved Damon's line about Caroline being blonde and cute as a button.
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