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Originally Posted by Magnus Bane (View Post)
Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if Loona's company finds themselves in debt
I wouldn't be surprised either. I do hope this pre debut hype will somehow make them have a successful debut.

Speaking of Loona, they have a new teaser.

Originally Posted by Magnus Bane (View Post)
I hope things work out for Sohee's debut! And Soyou! Get your hit song!
Me too especially since Sohee can do anything

Originally Posted by Magnus Bane (View Post)
It was so fantastic They really know how to make me laugh. Jin really did steal the show. Him and his roomie Suga need to be paired up more often. I love how Taehyung was like "thank you" all nicely when interacting with a zombie. He's out there making friends with everyone J-HOPE LOSING HIS SHOE! Just so many things!
Yes they do They were the best throughout that whole episode. I can't believe J Hope lost his shoe and then both Jin and Suga were pushing him out to the zombies again while on the bus

Can't wait for the Weekly Idol episode of Twice

I ordered the Twice album last night I can't wait to get it.

I love your TT icon, Rae I actually made TT icons last year.

🐰 cute baby bunny hunnie

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