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The 100 | 300,000 Post Celebration Thread!!

the 1 0 0 board
c e l e b r a t e s
00,000 p o s t s

Thanks to Alexa

Thanks to Paula

b o a r d
mi l e s t o n e s ✗

001. The 100 campaign on Fanforum started on 16 December 2013.
002. The 100 board opened on 15 January 2014.
003. The 100 board celebrated its 10,000 post milestone on 22 July 2014.
004. The board celebrated its one year anniversary on Fanforum on 15 January 2015.
005. The board reached the 25,000 post milestone on 21 March 2015.
006. The board celebrated its two year anniversary on Fanforum on 16 January 2016.
007. The board hit the 100,000 post milestone mark on 8 May 2016.
008. The board hit the 200,000 post milestone mark on 29 September 2016.
009. The board celebrated its three year anniversary on Fanforum on 16 January 2017.
010. The board hit the 300,000 post milestone mark on 1 November 2017.

m e e t t h e
adventure squad


✗ alexa ✗

murphamy stan; icon wizard.

country ✓ united states

I have a lot of favorite shows and I am not sure where the 100
would fit with all my other obsessions, but one thing is clear, the
100 board is by far the best (and my favorite) board on FF.
I think it's the friendliest board and with a bunch of different types
of people
and I love how active it is. We deserve 300k posts!

✓✓ "The board's #1 Emori fan? Ha, just kidding! When I think of
Alexa, I think of her great arts, her inability to remember the names
of minor characters like Luna, her love of Murphamy, and her passion
for dance
. Alexa really has been with this show longer than most of us.
The proof is in the first episode threads, the first Bellarke thread, and
so on. I love that she's stuck with it, though I don't know how she does
with all the shows that she watches."

✓✓ "When I think of Murphamy, I think of Alexa ... no doubt. She's a huge
Richard and Bob fan and is passionate about watching all their projects
, makes
enviable arts and icons, very honest when it comes to sharing her views on the
show. I'm glad that she decided to post again on the board after being away
between seasons 1 and 3 as she has become part of the 100 family here on
Fanforum for sure

✗ amelia ✗

clarke defense squad; quietly smutty.

country ✓ united states

✓✓ "Amelia is so personable and easy to talk to. She's very intelligent
and articulate
, which means she's great for discussions, but has this
super smutty side I didn't know about until recently, and to be honest,
it just makes her all the more endearing. That and her unwavering love
for Kelly Clarkson
, of course. I have a lot of respect for Amelia, I have a
lot of fun posting with her, and I had an awesome "Unity Day" and lunch
with her in Sacramento."

✗ april ✗

bellamy fangirl; will meet Bob one day (soon); smut queen.

country ✓ united states

I almost feel like a broken record here, because I profess my
love for this board and its posters quite often, milestone posting
celebration or not. It's just so easy to be appreciative of this place
and the people here, because it's unlike any other place in the 100
fandom. We call it our safe place for a reason. In a fandom that can
be volatile, this is the place where we can respectfully disagree, or
agree whole-heartedly, as is sometimes the case. This is the place
where we can fangirl beyond the telling of it and have some seriously
thought-provoking discussions just a few seconds later. This is the
place where real friendships have been formed and will continue to be
formed. I'm so thankful to be part of the celebration and a part of this

And you guys had better light it up around here once I finally meet Bob.

✓✓ "April is like a founding member of the board. She is
intelligent, witty, smutty and knows a lot about the show. We all
love April because of her insightful posts and positive attitude.
She can get along with pretty much everyone and I love how
she speaks to people with maturity and kindness."

✓✓ "I think she likes Bob. She may have mentioned that once. Maybe."

✓✓ "April is our smutty girl ... she loves it to write fanfics with a lot of
smut and angst, she's a big Bellarke fan and a (I think the right word is
"obsessed") Bob/Bellamy fan
. April likes to watch college football and
dancing competitions. I'm sure that April's students are glad to have
such a cool teacher ... she has the biggest the 100 shirts collection
and a unique Bellamy pumpkin. It's always fun to post with such a nice,
intelligent, passionate, talented writer and helpful girl like April."

✗ laura ✗

ilian stan; linctavia shipper until the end.

country ✓ france

✓✓ "The biggest Linctavia shipper there is. She still misses Lincoln a lot and will make
sure that this board will never end its Linctavia love
. She always notices the parallels
on the show and points them out to us. Just a total and utter sweetheart. I really hope
you'll return to your regular posting here soon!"

✗ lisa ✗

Riley lover; adorably random; stan for Bellamy's hat.

country ✓ canada

✓✓ "Lisa is probably the kookiest member of the 100 board. She’s a phenomenal
moderator too
who is always surprising the rest of us with her hilarious commentary.
She’s by far the most chill of the group (but can put her foot down when need be) and is
super easy to talk to and get along with. Everyone loves Lisa."

✓✓ "Lisa is the endearingly unpredictable moderator and poster, you just never know what
she's going to say next and I love that! I am still insanely jealous (but happy) that she
got to meet Bob and even matched outfits with him
, heh. She is kind, sweet, hilarious,
super tall (throwing in this random fact in here, just because), awesome dog owner and
all around wonderful person. She was one of the first people that I met here when I first
started posting on the board and we bonded over our love for the show and Roswell too,
and I'm extremely grateful to have met her here
because Fanforum life would be less
interesting without this girl. Honestly."

"Riley's biggest fan. Doesn't take herself or the show too seriously, often cracks me up ... she
doesn't realize what an amazing person she is
but we are here to remind her. If you are having a
bad day, just read her hilarious thread titles and posts about Helios."

✗ kate ✗

new kid on the block, murphy stan.

country ✓ united states

I was apprehensive about starting to post here. Joining a busy board four years
in felt daunting and honestly, a little scary.
Luckily, that fear has seemed to be
unnecessary. People were almost as excited for me to finish watching the show
as I was. Any questions I have, no one has any problem answering. It's a very
welcoming group. There's so much hope and excitement for the upcoming season.
It's infectious!
Just wish I started watching the show and posting here sooner! It's
been a great two months posting here. So glad I get to be part of this celebration.
Bring on the next one!

✓✓ "Kate is our newbie on the 100 board but that does not mean that she is a
newbie on FF, because Kate has a post count which all of us would like to have.
Kate is a puppy mom and a Arrow/Olicity fan. Since she started watching the 100,
she has become a Bellamy and Bellarke fan. It's always a pleasure to post with such
a nice person like Kate

✓✓ "Kate is the newest poster to the board and has become a regular fixture on many threads.
She loves the delinquents as much as I do and is a huge Bellarke, Bellamy and Murphy fan.
She has a huge collection of pretty GIFsets (just like me!) and I'm really appreciative that she
shares them on the board because I promptly get lost in them (which is an awesome thing).
I'm glad that Kate decided to delurk and join us on the board."

✗ marie ✗

supporter of minor characters; Harper fangirl.

country ✓ united states

✓✓ "Her humour is like that of Murphy's: always welcome
and delivered with a wit as dry as the desert that guy blew up in."

✓✓ "Marie is great in plot discussions and analysis. She has always the best
and funniest ideas how people could spend their time during the time jump,
she's a big Harper fan and she likes braids very much, but above all,
Marie is really a nice, friendly, funny and helpful girl and it's always fun to
post with Marie."

✓✓ "Queen of minor characters. One of the nicest people I have met online, very articulate
and insightful. Loves doodles! Find yourself a person who loves you as much as
Marie loves Harper.

✗ margaux ✗

meta lover, passionate Bellarker.

country ✓ france

✓✓ "She's always good at finding a GIFset that will tug on your heartstrings. She's kind.
Not around often but we all enjoy her presence when she is."

✗ paula ✗

helios lover; octavia and linctavia stan.

country ✓ the netherlands

✓✓ "Paula doubles as a wonderful poster and a show encyclopedia. Her art keeps the
board looking good and her insightful comments are always worth reading. She's
helpful, kind and always fun to post with!"

✓✓ "Paula is "the voice" of the 100 board, because she's such a talented singer. She's a big
Marie/Octavia and Linctavia fan
. Paula is a talented gif maker and a cool mom ...
some the 100 scenes make her cry, Paula likes puppies and kittens, but she don't like
dogs and cats; she don't like horses, but she loves Helios. it's always fun to post with
Paula, because she's funny, nice, helpful and sometimes a prankster."

✓✓ "A walking The 100 encyclopedia. Is very passionate about the show, especially Octavia
but is able to view characters and situations objectively. I view Paula as similar to Octavia,
a warrior, better be on her side!

✗ paulina ✗

braven lover; badass activist.

country ✓ poland

✓✓ "European crew! If she has the time, she's always down for rewatches on the same day.
The #1 Braven supporter and Raven's biggest fan
! Great at gifmaking
and should do it more often. I miss having you around, Paulina ... I hope
you get more time to post soon!"

"I really bonded with Paulina over our shared interests and because we think alike in a lot of areas.
In addition, she's incredibly articulate, sensible, writes great posts when it comes to
storylines, characters and ships
. She's the biggest Braven fan I know and I love her
passion for the ship, her favourite characters and the show as a whole. She also has
excellent taste in shows and is a passionate activist and advocate for human/women rights
and is an all around awesome person."

✗ sarah ✗

FF oldie; cannot resist spoilers.

country ✓ malaysia

It's just surreal to see this board hit another important milestone ... I remember
when we were at 25k! It's certainly a testament to how far this board has come,
especially in the last two years and it's been a pleasure for me to be a part of it.
First as a poster and now as a moderator. There's been many ups and downs in
this fandom (putting it lightly heh) but through it all, this board has been
instrumental in me not quitting this fandom entirely
. For real. People on this board
are truly my 100 family (just like how the cast are super awesome and close, even
up until this day) and I love what a positive and great vibe that this board brings to
. It's been a long, hard journey to get to where we are now, and it's all thanks to
the awesome sauce and kickass posters that we have here, and it's truly been a
joy to post here ... from our super serious and intense discussions about the
show to our silly, goofy moments when it comes to survivor alliances (it's serious
business, okay?), I wouldn't give it up for anything. To many more years to the best
board on FF (*coughmightbebiasedherecough*) and many more FF milestones to come.

✓✓ "Sarah is the best moderator on FF ... not only does she post in every thread, start
discussions, encourage a welcome and opening atmosphere, but secretly she's the
actress who played Charlotte
and I don't know why she keeps posting on Fanforum TBH."

✓✓ "Kind. Responsible. Helpful. You can talk to her about anything. Understanding.
Funny. Beautiful. Love how active she is on Fanforum and as a moderator. Cute fashion
sense. Love her intelligent posts."

✓✓ "She's kind and patient. Made me feel welcome to the board from the get-go. She
makes nice icons."

✗ sharon ✗

Wells and Monty stan; enjoys a fair bit of smut.

country ✓ united states

✓✓ "I think the reason why I relate to Sharon so well is that she is an
absolute Bob fanatic, just like me. I would love to meet her at a con where we
can fangirl over him together. Sharon is also a hardcore Bellarker who gets lost
in fanfic
, which I can also relate to. Not only did she read my fanfic, but she
commented lengthy comments on every chapter, which was so thoughtful, and I
really appreciated it
. It's been a joy getting to know Sharon this year."

✗ steph ✗

veteran of the Bellarke thread; loves Sachin's guns.

country ✓ united states

✓✓ "Another long-time fan of the show. I'm so glad she's still a fan so that
I get to post with her. Steph is not only beautiful on the outside (seriously,
thud-worthy), but she has this beautiful family, too, that has been through a lot,
and hearing her talk about her and her husband, in particular, really inspires me.
Also, let's not forget that her husband is an absolute Bob Morley Stan, so hearing
her stories about him is always entertaining."

✗ sonja ✗

football enthusiast; walking 100 dictionary, second only to Paula.

country ✓ germany

I love to post on the 100 board because the other posters are so
nice, friendly, respectful, funny, passionate and it feels so
good to talk with other people, who love this show as much as
I love it
. I love you all, you guys.

✓✓ "Sonja always amazes with her impressive show knowledge and her
limitless positivity. She is always ready with a hug emoji or a celebratory gift when
needed and her enthusiasm for the show/the board/everything is contagious."

✓✓ "A wonderful addition to our board. Super fast at setting up survivors and super good
at finding gifs for the mentioned scenes
. Very knowledgeable about the show; throw a picture,
gif or quote at her and she'll be able to tell you which episode it's from! I'm very happy
you decided to join us Sonja!

✘ why we love the board ✘

1How inviting everyone is.

I hate when I post on an FF board for the first time and feel ignored.
The 100 board made me feel welcome the second that I started posting
here. April and Paula in particular (and I think Lisa too) were very
responsive to me in the episode discussion threads and it made me want
to come back and continue to visit the board. The posters always say hello
to new people and ask them about themselves and learn their names ETC.
It makes the environment on the board very warm and inviting.

2How active the board is.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed trying to keep up with everyone on the board
but I love how active the board is. You can always find someone to discuss
something with. Most of the time your question or comment will get a response.
If you're just bored and feel like posting there is usually someone there to discuss
with you. It makes posting at the board so much fun.

3How supportive and open the posters are.

I love how friendly everyone is. No matter how different we are or what we are
going through, I love that we've created some lasting friendships on the board. Many
of us privately message or even text one another and I love how close we've become
on the board. We definitely feel like our own little family.

4The different opinions by all the posters.

Not everyone on the board shares the same opinions about the pairings and the
characters but everyone is very understanding of others' opinions. I LOVE that all
the posters are very distinctive and we all know each other very well. Me as the
Murphy fan; April as the obsessive smutty fan; Paula is Octavia's cheerleader; Lisa
the crazy mod. Everyone is so distinct and different and I love that we all can accept
each other for the differences in personalities and still be able to be supportive and
maintain friendships. It's great to see different opinions represented.

5The discussion/depth on the board.

We don't post just to post. We come to the board and actually have real discussions
and I love how intelligent a lot of our posters are. I love that so many of the discussion
threads have gotten two threads because we all just talk and discuss with each other
every little aspect. It's very clear how much we love our show and how we support it.

Thanks to Alexa for the reasons!

Thanks to April

Thanks to Alexa

m o d no t e ✗

This board has gone from strength to strength and that is solely due to the amazing posters here, who
continue to keep this board such a great and positive place to post on. We don't post or kill threads
for the sake of it, we do it because we genuinely enjoy posting with each other, are enthusiastic about
this show and always passionate in discussing the storylines, characterisations, our love for the cast
and anything relating to the show
. So thank you for your endless enthusiasm for this show and board; and of course
contributions to this OP. May the board continue to do well for many years to come. Cheers!

* Special thanks to Paulina for our amazing, personalised GIFs!
Yup, you have your very own GIFs for this OP.

- Lisa and Sarah -

Thanks to Alexa

|Lisa| | icon by mel

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