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Originally Posted by Magnus Bane (View Post)
OMG repackages are also such a scam by companies, especially when they come out like a couple months or less after the comeback. Rude Oh that's right! The insanity And you've reminded me how people buy multiple copies to try to get different photocards inside. I mean I think kpop does it best when it comes to album packaging, but my gosh they really get extra sometimes.
They are Sure they have new photos, PC and posters but it's just two or three songs added to the album. I know. People do that a lot. I've been lucky with photocards since I usually get my bias. I rather not swap them with others and just keep whatever I get.

Originally Posted by Magnus Bane (View Post)
YG is still stuck in the past in many ways which he seems to be slowly getting out of. In this day and age, where new groups are popping up almost daily it feels like, you can't have ~mysterious~ artists that show up from time to time and only perform on one show and then are never seen again. Competition is too big now. It was a MIRACLE that he sent BP and Winner to radio shows and variety shows this year. The results of that were proven in both groups rising popularity. Now he just needs to learn that having an artist release a couple songs a year doesn't cut it either. The fact that BP hasn't had so much as a mini album yet I wouldn't be surprised if that were true about Twice and RV. But I don't get why he doesn't think BP can sell well regardless? I also don't get why he doesn't think BP can sell a mini album. If they can sell over 50k (moving in on 60k) in Japan then I'm confident they can do at least that in Korea and that is actually really good for a girl group, especially a newer one. No YG, they will not sell as much as Twice right now. Twice is kinda IT in terms of sales. Get over it.

"Red Flavor" is truly the song of the year! That was so cute and hilarious, especially with the costumes added in! Ravi doesn't play that high voice game
Yeah unfortunately he is taking too long I hate how he treats Winner and he has his favourites. I think both groups would benefit with having a mini or album out so fans at least have something. Plus, not letting them appear on TV is really hurting their image especially since you always see a lot of rookies/groups on shows to promote themselves to the public. I'm sure BP will sell well They have a decent fanbase and their digitalis are usually quite good. It's just that they don't have a physical album out and I think that really hurts them because most groups have them except for YG groups

It is Those costumes made me laugh but they did a good cover of the song. Plus, it's always fun seeing boy groups dance to girl groups and vice versa.

Ailee's voice is amazing I heard she is taking her time to make her album.

I made some Twice and f(x) icons

what IZ your colour?
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