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My thoughts on Riverdale 2.2

1. Archie has full on PTSD and I appreciate TPTB accurately depicting how severe PTSD can be.

2. Nice seeing Fred make an almost full recovery but he seems so passive and okay with everything. It's kind of strange. Where's Mary, too?

3. That "lawyer" Jughead went to is evil. She has to be... evil! FP looked broken as he's telling Jughead never to speak to her again so we need to believe him.

4. Smithers canned because of Hiram is just wrong.

5. Liked the touches/kisses between Veronica/Archie and Betty/Jughead in this one. I liked that their relationships were there but also in the background while the scary mystery prevailed.

6. Jug: “Another B and V team up. They should really make a video game about you guys.”

7. Loved the Archie/Jughead conversation.

8. Reggie 2.0 is interesting but don't be giving Archie drugs, dude!

9. Archie also getting a gun is simply not going to end well. Dilton, why did you give him the gun?

10. I have a theory that Betty's brother (we were told he's making an appearance in this season) could be the serial killer.

11. Betty fighting for both Pops and FP was awesome. I knew Betty would take care of Cheryl.

12. Josie interacting with the girls at least a little was appreciated. Like Josie/Cheryl.

13. Cheryl about Bughead: “Hobo. Bride of Hobo.” LOL

14. I started being really suspicious of Hermione towards the end of season 1 and now she is officially shady as fck. I knew she didn't write that letter. I cannot believe she lied to her daughter for her very shady/possibly evil husband.

15. Jughead/Veronica scene was wonderful! It was the first true friendship alone scene between them and I loved it.

16. Alice listening to Betty/Archie, sleuthing, relaying the news to Fred/Archie was great. Alice coming to the diner was nice and her comments to Betty were actually very true. I love the actress who plays Alice. She's just so wonderful in the role.

17. Loved Cheryl coming through for FP. I wonder if he'll get time served? I assume yes since they cannot keep his pretty face in prison... bad things happen when you're that pretty in prison, LOL.

18. Core Four scene at the end was great.

19. I knew Hiram bought the diner. I also feel scared for Veronica. I always get the sense that something bad is going to happen to her the more she talks back to her parents.

20. I'm also scared for Jughead. Those Serpents are bad, bad news and it seems like he's trusting them more and more by the minute.

21. That ending attempted or legit murder scene was so scary... terrorizing! The serial killer is stealing from the Zodiac Killer!

22. This season is really good but really scary.

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