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Originally Posted by Lady Crawford (View Post)
Could someone please make me an animated avatar or individual standard avatars? I would really appreciate it.

Text: My Beautiful Star-Lord
Text Font: cursive
Overall theme? Any textures?: colorful
Image links:
Other notes: Please not too dark.

Hope you like these, Donna

Originally Posted by together for life (View Post)
Pretty please can I get an icon with these gifs
^ If its possible to slow this down a little I would appreciate it
^ Can this be made into two different animated icons, one with the first kiss and another with the second close up kiss.

Thank you in advance
Emma, hope you like these

Originally Posted by ~these broken stars~ (View Post)
i thought I had requested an icon but I can't find it lol so here it is again
could I get a 100x100 icon made from this gif please
Hope you like this

Originally Posted by Walt Reynolds (View Post)
Can I request a icon of the Riverdale cast please?
Hope you like these
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