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The Caroline/Bonnie scene was sweet. I loved when Caroline said “Our lives are weird” lol.

Why did Stefan lie to Caroline about talking to Valerie? Its strange that neither of them are working harder to find a way to break the spell.

I kinda love Caroline’s interaction with the heretics, they are humorous. The MaryLou/Nora drama is just weird though. I like them 10x more than Valerie but even still they are useless.

Stefan and Caroline were so adorable the entire episode working together. I loved when Stefan said that the party was torture because he couldn’t touch Caroline. Then when he said he wanted to dance. I also loved when Caroline ranted about Valerie and Stefan calmly spoke to her. I love that he just understands her personality so well by now. And I just adore that he called her his girlfriend to Mary Louise! Then later when SC were finally reunited! So happy. I loved Stefan’s whole speech about their history together and how he’s only thinking about Caroline. So cute.

The Bonnie/Alaric/Damon scenes were somewhat more interesting this time around.

And I just adored the Matt and Damon scenes because those two are so fun together. I like that Damon gave Matt advice so he wouldn’t die. The scene with Oscar at the end was terrifying. I also love that Damon is so adamant about Elena and keeping her safe. His little message to her was really sweet. It’s cute that Damon told Tyler to take the casket but where did he take her?

Not that excited to see Jo revived but maybe this will give Alaric some closure.

Valerie and Enzo were completely useless this episode. Why were they even in the episode?
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