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I just made a quick Boombayah batch for now!

Originally Posted by Devil's Cry (View Post)
Well done!
Thank you I feel so proud to have reeled someone in
Originally Posted by witch with claws (View Post)
It's kind of a bummer that no one in my family likes K-Pop.. I think the only one who likes stuff like this and then some anime is my cousin, but he lives kind of far from me so I can't really talk to him about it.
I don't know anyone personally who likes kpop either which is why places like this are so great!

Originally Posted by witch with claws (View Post)
I watched their dance practices. I thought I was going to see some mess ups or something But I didn't.
Sometimes I think I get Jennie and Jisoo mixed up a little when the camera is far away.
If they had messed up they definitely wouldn't have posted the video to their channel It's pretty normal to mix up members in the beginning! Before you know it you won't have to second guess any of them! Now do me a favor and watch this
this is not a touching love story
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