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Vanozza went to her vineyard where Juan was waiting to have dinner with Cesare. The evening suddenly cooled the hills when Cesare went to meet his brother. Juan asked him about Lucrezia and her baby, so they went to their meeting with Cesare. Vanozza couldn't find Rodrigo anywhere, which made her anxious. So when Della Rovere's daughter suddenly came to visit the Borgias, most of them were surprised because she was extremely cautious about going out and meeting her father. When Rodrigo arrived at the Vatican, he went to see Vanozza about his sons, because he couldn't imagine how Juan could become a failure and lose everything. Vanozza went to see Rodrigo to tell him about their sons and how they fought about who is best of them. Rodrigo was surprised that his sons still fought about which one was the best one to deliver Caterina to him and he said that Cesare should deserve to win. Vanozza told Rodrigo that they were going to allow Juan to go after his victory, trying to prove that he could do what Rodrigo wanted to accomplish. Cesare told
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