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Blackpink's new magazine cover is so

Originally Posted by Shadowhunter (View Post)
It does seem so My favourite groups are EXO, Wanna One, Got7, Red Velvet, Twice, Gfriend and BlackPink. But they do change around a lot but these groups I tend to follow a bit more especially the boy groups since I'm more up to date with what they are doing. Who are your favourites, Rae?

I agree about the BlackPink MV. Plus, I think with most Kpop videos it's fun to watch and see the dancing within the videos. Plus, I think it's always so exciting seeing a comeback and watching the stages in the music shows during the week.
Those are excellent choices! My favorites are BTS, Blackpink, Red Velvet, Winner, Big Bang, 2NE1, Mamamoo and many others that I check out, but like you I'm not necessarily up to date with everything they are doing. I just appreciate a lot of music! I've also been getting into Twice more recently.

KPop does music videos and performances so much better than the west I feel like. It really becomes an EVENT filled with teasers and photos and dance videos and all sorts of goodies when new music is released.

Originally Posted by miranstarr (View Post)
Helloooooo!!!!! I listen to a variety of groups, but my love is EXO.

If we wanna talk mv visuals, I gotta bring up VIXX!
Hello hello! Would you like to be added to the list? That's awesome! What song have you been jamming to lately?

You should post a video of theirs!
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