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Originally Posted by Shadowhunter (View Post)
Rae It's so good to see you back on

Can you add me to the list? I listen to too much Kpop these days.
Oh wow, Ann! Hello! It's been so long! I'm glad to be back in this more chill corner of the internet

Our interests continue to align it seems! I'll add you now! Who are your favorite groups/artists? Aside from Red Velvet I'm guessing

Originally Posted by witch with claws (View Post)
Rae, I think she's kinda K-Pop? I'm not entirely sure
I mean she did say she always wanted to do Kpop herself.. and she does do pop music. But I never actually did figure out 100% if she's classified as kpop.

And sure feel free to post vids
What Ann said upon investigation I don't think she's kpop! And definitely watch that Red Velvet music video! It's a fun song that'll get you bopping!

I would like to recommend Blackpink's "As If It's Your Last" because I love the group but also because I feel like this video is a great representation of what kpop music videos are known for. It's really colorful, the staging is amazing, the outfits are great, and there's dancing. I feel like it's a good one to watch if you're curious about what kpop music videos are like.

Also for continued visual splendor I will put this one out there too!
this is not a touching love story
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