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The director/creator is Susan Lacy, if that helps you track it down. It's a nice retrospective of his life/career. As many reviewers have pointed out, it skips over the not-so-successful part of his career, but I enjoyed hearing what his collaborators had to say.

I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that Schindler's List gets a good chunk of the attention, but I loved hearing Liam Neeson talk about how he didn't appreciate how specific Spielberg was in his direction but stuck it out... and he evidently feels this was one of the best experiences he had in the end.

Also, Francis Ford Coppola apparently feels that what made Spielberg succesful, aka his "ability to know what the audience wants," is something you're born with. To me, that says more about Coppola than it does Spielberg, but whatever.

It's a good watch.
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