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I’ve been told that the reason that those who committed suicide go “straight to Hell” is because they didn’t have a chance to ask for forgiveness before they appear before the gates. However, I struggle with this because once you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord & Personal Savior, you’ve already been forgiven of all your sins, past, present, & future! Of course, we still sin & need to confess our sins to the Lord throughout life, but if I were to “sin” & do something unacceptable in the eyes of God, then tragically died in a car accident before I “confessed”, I know I would go to Heaven, even though I didn’t have a chance to pray for forgiveness for my latest sins before I passed away. I feel it’s kinda like that with suicide, although it’s such a shame how anyone who follows Christ would feel the need to end their life, but we don’t know their hearts and I just pray that your friend finds comfort and understanding in the arms of the Lord. I pray she will see her brother in Heaven again one day, but she won’t know that until the time comes, but I hope she’ll be able to know that she’ll be rejoicing in the presence of the Lord anyway!
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