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Originally Posted by Litlover73 (View Post)
And no Rory could never be truly happy having to deal with that awful family. Couldn't think of anything worse.
Yes, but the problem is, that they are already her family too. Rory is a mother of one of Huntzberger's heirs.
Even if she won't tell Logan about the child, sooner of latter someone will discover the truth - and it will be even worse for Rory. So, we can simply soon expect Friday evening dinners with Mitchum and Shira.
Jess or no Jess, Rory is already tied to the Huntzberger clan.

Originally Posted by Litlover73 (View Post)
I wouldn't put it past Amy to break all our hearts again though. She can't be trusted.
Well, it's possible, that in the end Rory would be with neither Logan nor Jess. Logan and she wouldn't choose each other and Jess would leave Rory, because she would not be a good person (or good enough).

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