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Originally Posted by huntzmore (View Post)
Logan and Rory could have a happy life together. But I don't think this thread is the one to have that conversation in. This thread isn't about Logan.
You are technically correct, however if we want to discuss and debate about what could possibly happen with RJ if they do indeed grace us with more eps then the topic of Logan wil come up. This dam baby saw to that. The three of them are probably going to be intertwined somehow so I think it's fair game. .

And no Rory could never be truly happy long term being in London away from family and friends and having to deal with that awful family. Couldn't think of anything worse.

I choose to believe Scott Patterson theory. Logan will be schmucky and Jess will be there for Rory.

I wouldn't put it past Amy to break all our hearts again though. She can't be trusted.
Rory/Jess - It is what it is.
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