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Originally Posted by Litlover73 (View Post)
It is an open ending, however that scene with Christopher was crucial IMO.

I just feel like if Amy wanted to set up Rory and Logan to be happily ever after she would have made their story much nicer,
Yes, i agree. Rory's scene with Christopher indicates, that she might rise the child alone as a single mother - although everything is still open.

Logan and Rory would never have a totaly happily ever after, their connection is more superficial than her connection with Jess (they have deep understanding and discussions about books), Rory would have to submit to Logan's family's rules and their dynamic (cheating) is not good at all. However, they have "understanding" and they could live together and rise their child together.
In Amy's S7 they would probably have an open long-distanced relationship, but in the end Logan would start serious relationship with a rich girl from Europe and he and Rory would break up .... and then would be Rory pregnant.

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