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It is an open ending, however that scene with Christopher was crucial IMO.

However Amy has now told the story she wanted to tell so I suppose it's anyone's guess now...especially hers.

I just feel like if Amy wanted to set up Rory and Logan to be happily ever after she would have made their story much nicer, but this is her season 7. They were together still at the end of season 6 with Logan going off to London. Where did we find them in the revival? Logan in London and Rory going to visit for booty calls and struggling with her career.

Why didn't she show them running into each other again, building some tension between them, trying to resist each other but not being able to? Their buildup was lame in the series and non existent in the revival. Why? Because it's not important. What's important is that they are together so he can father the child. That's all.

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