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Originally Posted by Danke (View Post)
I couldnĀ“t believe my eyes today, I went to a bookstore in Prague and there was LaurenĀ“s paperback with the new chapter

My copy arrived today, and of course I read the new chapter before I did anything else (other than eating my dinner).

I liked it. It was nice to catch up with her since after all the excitement had died down. I just wish it was a bit longer. It was nice of her to include the bit about the Gilmore Guys. That was sweet. I bet she doesn't realize the significance of her being their last episode and it releasing on June 3.

I was really hoping she's say her coat had been returned to her, for some reason that makes me really say. Although I guess it's not even really her coat.

I won't say much else until everyone has a chance to read it.
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