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Originally Posted by Litlover73 (View Post)
As for the Logan situation I think the scene with Rory and her father and then the final scene in the revival pretty much resolved that problem. She had already come to terms with the fact that their relationship was over and going nowhere.

I also don't feel that Amy's Logan is invested enough in Rory to sacrifice the lifestyle, he was all about himself and everything had to be on his terms.
Yes, but Richard was engaged with another woman too, and he still married Emily in the end. Shira was also not suitable wife for Mitchum (wasn't she poor waitress?), but Mitchum still married her.
Logan would never give up his lifestyle for Rory, but Rory would actually be amazing Mrs. Huntzberger - Emily thought her everything. Maybe Logan doesn't care, who his wife is (how rich she is), as long as everything is on his terms (by the rules of Huntzberger's family).

And at the moment that's the easiest solution for Rory. Her career in journalism didn't work out, but she would be perfect high society wife and would have enough time to write too. It would be easier for her to rise a child with the father than alone, and she and Logan are good friends and there is some sort of love (maybe their connection is not as deep as it was with Jess, but still...).

Rory definitively wanted out of her situation with Logan, she was ready for new life, but then she was pregnant - and now everything can change again. I'm not saying that Rory will be with Logan (far from it), but IMO it's really open ending - and everything is possible.
Maybe that's a little pessimistic for the this thread, but I would like to incite a debate.

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