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Always a pleasure. Milo seems to have a real love/hate relationship with Jess. The sooner he accepts there is no escaping it the better off he'll be .

As for the Logan situation I think the scene with Rory and her father and then the final scene in the revival pretty much resolved that problem. I can't remember word for word that conversation with Lorelai, but the gist of it was that she was alone and was down about not having a steady man in her life....knowing all along she was pregnant with Logan's kid. She had already come to terms with the fact that their relationship was over and going nowhere.

I also don't feel that Amy's Logan is invested enough in Rory to sacrifice the lifestyle he has going and commit to raising a family with her. He was all about himself and everything had to be on his terms.
Rory/Jess - It is what it is.
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