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I liked it in general a lot more than the first half, but still, the Collins factor brings down episodes for me. But I loved all the Quintis stuff with the acronyms and the way Toby was all hesitantly "...schnookums?" when they were on the aircraft. The Sly/Happy stuff was oh my god I could cry it was so sweet and it was all Melvester driven. I'm glad that Waige is brushing off what Collins said and that it's clear their feelings for each other are still there (side bar I loved their hug in the snow) and one really underrated part of the ep, I think, was seeing Cabe's partial phone call to Allie, you get a real good sense of their dynamic there even though she wasn't in the episode.

Favorite line of the ep: "I am trying my best which you would understand if you were a little more SCABOBI."
"Fight just a little, to bring back the fire in her eyes that's been gone, but used to be mine."

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