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Originally Posted by Talula78 (View Post)
^ Haha, yes he is!

I'm not getting my hopes up. I actually kinda don't want another season, I was happy the way they left things, even with Rory's pregnancy.
Same here. Every major answer was answered and the show came full circle. I know some fans don't want to believe who the father is, but the revival made that pretty obvious for me, so just more episodes to answer that question...

Gilmore Girls is my favorite show ever, because the show...has never known a dull moment, the quality was always there (even later seasons imo), and I don't want them to risk that, you know?

Then again, IF the stars would allign..I'd watch it anyway, because...I love the actors, I love the characters, etc.

Agreed about Ausiello. It must have been hard for him to not talk about the revival when Amy was interviewing him for that book event. They spoke of Gilmore Girls, but not about more episodes.
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