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Second episode, a new one I'm doing play by play.

Who is that woman?! And she just happens to see Emily with Ramkov (I can't get the name right ). That's just too convienent...

Aw man, the first minutes - Emily being confronted about all of this. Again, Stana's acting is out of the park, ugh! Her face in that interrogation as more facts are presented to her

Alice seems very supportive. For now she is okay with Flynn seeing Emily. She lets her go up to his room by herself, that's a huge display of trust, I think.

Emily giving Flynn his gift and he just says it's cool and puts it aside. Poor Emily. Poor Flynn... poor everyone.
Loved the story with the yoghurt, though. I hope we get more of those

Emily getting to know Flynn, talking to him. He could make more of an effort I think. Well, he's only a boy, so that gives him benefit.

Ha! Nick's idea with the fork is genius. Maybe a little illegal?

Ah, there is the worried Alice and not so quite supportive.
Loved Emily overhearing it, I mean the fact she did.

aaaaawwww - her old badge! I like her dad. He seems so fatherly

Oooh, why is Cooper running? Not so innocent it seems.
Hm, a Fed is involved.
Semerov (another try at the name, haha )

The scene with Harlow in the swimming pool is so creepy at first. Harlow is creepy.
How did Emily know he would be at the pool? Huh... And he was there - at the cabin? Does she remember or is she bluffing?
Hm... interesting about everything being in her head. I so hope she gets her memories back.

WTF! They're handcuffing Emily?!

Hm, I like Tommy. Maybe they even end up being friends.
I'm also happy to report that I understand Angel way better now. In the first episode, too. I'm relieved about that.

Hm, Nick is right - Emily doesn't know how she's reacting now.
So good to see them working out leads. Maybe Radford is the mole? Her old partner would know how and where she was with a case...

WHAT? Tommy has Kelly Price in his contact list on his phone... Oh, probably because she came to him as a witness.

'Doyou think we'd still be together if none of this would have happened?'

Oh, Riggs, what's up? Why are you barking?
aaaaaaah, I don't like thissss - why would you go out there, Alice???!!

Of course Emily is making everyone uncomfortable - but she wants to be near her son. Alice has to understand that, too. Hm. Not liking her so much anymore...
Also, someone IS watching them. Ugh, who?!

WTF!!! Harlow is dead?!?! I need to know that Emily has an alibi


Oh, sooo good! Sorry this got long. But there is so much to notice.

Ingrid, yes, even more questions!

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